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06-09-2023 | Customers, News

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Bitcoin Brabant partners with Lightning Checkout

What began as a local initiative in Brabant has now earned global recognition and respect. Bitcoin Brabant has attracted customers from around the world, spanning Europe, Asia, and the United States. Their services are valued for their professionalism, depth, and relevance in an ever-changing market. Bitcoin Brabant takes pride in its Dutch roots and international presence.

At Lightning Checkout, we’re proud to have been processing Bitcoin transactions for Bitcoin Brabant for some time now. They offer a wide range of services:

Bitcoin Mining
Heating businesses with powerful computers for Bitcoin mining can be a cost-effective solution. Bitcoin Brabant provides advice and implementation assistance in this regard.

Bitcoin Signing Devices / Hardware Wallets
As a reseller of signing devices (hardware wallets) equipped with open-source software, Bitcoin Brabant ensures that verification can be done on this software at any time. Currently, they are resellers of Blockstream Jade and Foundation Passport.

Bitcoin Books
By selling Dutch-language Bitcoin books, Bitcoin Brabant contributes to broadening Bitcoin knowledge in our country.

Bitcoin Tulips
Bitcoin Brabant’s mining solutions are utilized in the agricultural sector, offering a unique product—miner-dried tulip bulbs. They created the Bitcoin logo with tulips during an event in 2022.

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