We are a Bitcoin payment provider, offering Bitcoin payment solutions for entrepreneurs. We process payments through the Lightning Network (L2) and on-chain (L1).


For offline Bitcoin transactions, we provide point-of-sale solutions. Additionally, we offer a solution for handling Bitcoin payments through invoices, catering to both B2B and B2C transactions. Recently, we have also initiated the processing of Bitcoin payments in self-service devices.


Bitcoin is a digital payment method, so we also provide options for online Bitcoin payments. We can process payments for webshops, and additionally, we offer a Bitcoin paywall allowing customers to make one-time payments to access news articles.

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Demo Point Of Sale web terminal Lightning Checkout

Bitcoin in you company

If you wish to accept Bitcoin as a payment method in your business, we can assist you in this process. In this case, it’s recommended to treat Bitcoin as you would cash.

To initiate the payment, you would enter the amount into a web-based payment terminal (point of sale). This terminal can be accessed on any phone or tablet through a web browser. Once you input the amount in euros, it will be converted into Satoshis, which is the smallest unit of Bitcoin (0.00000001).

Additionally, we offer the option to integrate Bitcoin payments into your regular invoices. You can create a payment link and include it with the invoice for a seamless transaction process.

Demo Point Of Sale web terminal Lightning Checkout

Add Bitcoin to your website

Do you want to offer Bitcoin as a payment option in your webshop? We can assist you with that. Currently, we have a plugin available for WordPress/WooCommerce, and support for other webshop software will be implemented in the future. Upon your request, we will provide you with a link to the plugin along with a key for your account registration.

Upon activating the payment plugin, a customizable page is automatically generated for you to modify according to your preferences. We are also available to assist you with this process at no additional cost.

In addition, we provide a paywall solution. This allows you to restrict access to content until payment is made, typically involving small amounts, up to a few euros. This innovative concept is the counterpart to selling monthly subscriptions—embracing the value-for-value approach.

Voorbeeld bitcoin lightning checkout webshop
Voorbeeld bitcoin lightning checkout webshop

What you can expect?


During the onboarding process, we will discuss the available options and explain the desired product. Additionally, you will receive promotional materials to inform your customers that you now accept Bitcoin. This will enable you to start receiving transactions promptly.

Processing Transactions

The transactions you receive will be recorded in our portal. Through your account, you will have access to this portal, providing you with real-time visibility into the latest transactions we have processed for you.

Daily Payout

Every day, we aggregate all transactions into a payout. In this process, we settle the transactions from the past 24 hours by paying you out. These payouts will be in Bitcoin to the lightning address of your account.

Monthly Invoice

Every month, you will receive an invoice from us. This invoice will detail the payouts we have made, and any associated costs that have been deducted will be transparently displayed. This ensures that you can easily incorporate these details into your financial records.

Bitcoin Payment Solutions

bitcoin point of sale solutions

Bitcoin Invoice

Add a Bitcoin payment link to your regular invoice, allowing your customers to make payments in Bitcoin.

bitcoin point of sale solutions

Bitcoin Point Of Sale

Start accepting Bitcoin on your terrace or in your store today through our web-based point-of-sale terminal.

Bitcoin Paywall

Bitcoin Paywall

Allow customers to pay for exclusive content and grant them immediate access after making a Bitcoin payment.

bitcoin webshop integrations

Bitcoin Webshop

Show your customers the future of payments by offering Bitcoin as a payment option in your online store today.

Bitcoin Customs

Do you want to accept Bitcoin but your requirements deviate from our standard products, let’s explore the possibilities.

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