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The world of online shopping is evolving rapidly with the rise of Bitcoin payments in webshops. This disruptive technology enables consumers to make purchases with the popular digital currency, adding an entirely new dimension to the e-commerce experience.

Bitcoin payments provide customers with an alternative way to pay for their favorite products and services. With just a few clicks, shoppers can use their digital wallets to make payments.

Webshops that embrace Bitcoin payments not only capture the attention of technology enthusiasts but also expand their customer base by facilitating global purchases. This trend signifies a shift in the way people conduct financial transactions and illustrates how Bitcoin is gradually securing its place in daily life.

Through our existing webshop integrations, you can easily accept Bitcoin. If there is no integration available yet, we explore possibilities or you can use our API.

How does it work?

A Bitcoin payment in your webshop is just as simple, or perhaps even simpler than iDeal or a Credit Card payment.

  • Your customer adds a product to the shopping cart and proceeds to the checkout page.
  • Your customer selects Bitcoin as the payment method.
  • The payment transaction is initiated, displaying a QR code to your customer.
  • Your customer scans the QR code with their Bitcoin wallet, and the transaction is processed.
  • Your customer is redirected to the confirmation page.

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In this FAQ, we have included the most frequently asked questions. If you have any further inquiries, please reach out to us using the form below or visit our contact page for alternative options.

When do you pay out?

Payments received through our webshop solution are settled once a day, around 6.00am local time.

What are the costs?

Until April 2024, we do not charge any transaction fees. After this period, the fees will be 0.5% of the transaction amount.

Are webshop transactions processed onchain or via lightning?

For our standard WooCommerce integration, you have the option to accept only Lightning or give the choice to the customer. Lightning is suitable for average order amounts of less than 250 euros. Above that, on-chain is a better choice.

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Bitcoin Payment Solutions

bitcoin point of sale solutions

Bitcoin Invoice

Add a Bitcoin payment link to your regular invoice, allowing your customers to make payments in Bitcoin.

bitcoin point of sale solutions

Bitcoin Point Of Sale

Start accepting Bitcoin on your terrace or in your store today through our web-based point-of-sale terminal.

Bitcoin Paywall

Bitcoin Paywall

Allow customers to pay for exclusive content and grant them immediate access after making a Bitcoin payment.

Bitcoin Customs

Do you want to accept Bitcoin but your requirements deviate from our standard products, let’s explore the possibilities.