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Endless possibilities

At its core, Bitcoin is digital, opening the door to limitless applications.

Get ready for the upcoming technological advancements and embrace the future with Bitcoin payment solutions. As one of the most promising digital currencies, Bitcoin continues to evolve and grow. With the right payment solutions, you’ll always be prepared for what’s coming.

Are you seeking an innovative solution to grow your business but finding yourself hindered by the limitations of the current financial infrastructure? Let’s explore how Bitcoin can help propel your business forward.

With the low transaction costs of Bitcoin Lightning, the options are practically limitless. Imagine paying for usage per second—something currently out of the question with the current setup but already happening, for instance, in podcasts. We’re even seeing the potential for paying per second for using an electric car charging station in the near future. This is just not something you’d think possible with the traditional fiat money system.

So, if you’re on the lookout for a cutting-edge payment solution, give us a shout. Let’s chat about how Bitcoin can give you a hand in reaching your goals.

How does it work?

For financial transactions, there are broadly two types of interactions to consider:

  • Human-to-Human: For exchanging value among people within the Bitcoin protocol, we utilize addresses (onchain) and invoices (lightning). These are converted into scannable QR codes.
  • Machine to Machine: Similar concepts are applied for transactions initiated by machines. However, in the case of machines, APIs are used for the exchange of addresses and invoices.

Different solutions are available depending on the type of interaction, whether it involves humans or machines.

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Bitcoin Payment Solutions

bitcoin point of sale solutions

Bitcoin Invoice

Add a Bitcoin payment link to your regular invoice, allowing your customers to make payments in Bitcoin.

bitcoin point of sale solutions

Bitcoin Point Of Sale

Start accepting Bitcoin on your terrace or in your store today through our web-based point-of-sale terminal.

Bitcoin Paywall

Bitcoin Paywall

Allow customers to pay for exclusive content and grant them immediate access after making a Bitcoin payment.

bitcoin webshop integrations

Bitcoin Webshop

Show your customers the future of payments by offering Bitcoin as a payment option in your online store today.

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